Our Story

Fire was tamed by our ancestors around one million years ago.
The fire was where they gathered, talked and told stories.
At Stoke we bring you the most evolved fireplaces from around the world.
Fire is still where we gather and share the warmth of a good story.

Designed to Wow

The most clever, efficient (and best looking) fireplaces on the planet.

Best Of Both Worlds

We bring you a wide selection of both wood and gas fires. Indoor and out.

Seamless Service

Stoke’s fireplace experts give you an end to end service that goes beyond the sale.

How it all began

In early 2015 key players in the New Zealand fireplace industry got together.

We talked about how we could bring Kiwis the best of the best fireplaces, from all over the world.

Stoke was born.

Ultimately we believe everyone can find the perfect fireplace for the unique needs of their lives and unique design of their home.

They just need to know where to look.

And now you do.

Our Favourite Brands

Highly efficient, innovative and beautiful. Manufactured and designed right here in New Zealand.

The best wood fire brand in Europe. Luxury fireplaces that push the boundaries of design.

Taller, wider, less symmetrical then seen before, MODE fireplaces are a fresh take on fireplace design.

Designed to Wow

Call us shallow, but when it comes to fireplaces, looks matter. That’s why we’ve chosen brands that value design just as much as cutting edge technology, efficiency and powerful heat. Minimalist enough to work with any interior style. So stunning you can’t help but stare. You could say they bring back the art of conversation, simply by starting them. We’re also breaking down stereotypes. Spartherm inbuilt wood fires‘ edgy designs prove that wood fires can be anything but traditional. And Escea gas fires’ spectacular gas flame matches a wood burning one.

Best Of Both Worlds

Our large selection of fireplaces includes wood and gas. We’re not biased. We think both have their merits. We just chose the best the world has to offer in both categories. Check out our range and get a feel for what you like. We have twenty fires to consider. Then there’s just the small task of weighing up…Indoor or out? Double sided? Corner? Lift or swing door? Ease of gas or romance of wood? One fire or one for every room? Yep, bringing you the options was the easy part.

Seamless Service

Yes there’s a lot of choice. But the good news is that our fireplace experts can guide you through the decision making process. Visiting our showroom lets you ‘try before you buy’ and experience all the features for yourself. And beyond the purchase decision, our team provides ongoing technical advice and support to ensure the installation of your dream fireplace goes without a hitch. Want someone to check it will all work out with your plans and specifications? No problem. We have a local team of experienced architects and builders on hand to help with project planning and implementation.