An outdoor living space can be an exciting blank canvas for homeowners. Inspired by the natural environment, a great outdoor area speaks to both purpose and personality, while connecting with each of the elements.

When we consider outdoor design, we like to dabble with different ideas and spaces. Spaces that command attention yet flow seamlessly together – think vertical gardens, mood lighting and striking outdoor fireplaces…

At Stoke, we thrive on helping you create inspiring spaces that stand the test of time. We’ve put together our best tips for planning an inviting outdoor space you'll enjoy for years to come.


1. Plant a Vertical Garden

Escea Vertical Garden Inspiration_This is NZ life.jpg

This rustic planter stacked with lush greenery is an aesthetic addition to the wall. Image: This is NZ life

A Vertical Garden is a fantastic way to create a striking feature wall in your outdoor living room while also optimising on space and resources. A stunning backdrop for your outdoor entertaining.

Climbing vines & roses, ivy or wisteria will bring your outdoor area to life while also creating a sense of time and space as they reflect the changing seasons. This creative use of a blank wall is also a practical feature which helps to filter your outdoor air.

2. Include a Water Feature

Water Feature Inspo Escea 920.jpg

Just the subtle trickling of water creates a sense of calm. Photo: Ahmed Rizkhaan

Including a water feature in your outdoor design ideas doesn't have to be overwhelming. A small, subtle water feature can be a nod to the elements while also creating a wave of calm that you can truly unwind and relax in. And it looks great!

The quiet flow of water is perfect form of white noise that takes you from day to night and sets the mood for your morning coffee with family or a few cool beverages on a warm night. 

3. Invest in Mood Lighting

Escea Outdoor Lightin Inspiration.png

Hanging festoon lights paired with table top lanterns. Image: Beacon Lighting

Investing in lighting is key to ensuring your outdoor space can be enjoyed well after sunset.  The right mood lighting will help to create the comfort and ambiance needed so that you and your guests can share stories and make memories well into the small hours.

Wall sconces will designate areas of connection in your outdoor space; while twinkle lights weaved through wisteria create a romantic hideaway from everyday life. 

When dusk falls, your outdoor living space comes alive, beckoning to friends and family, extending quality time and conversation.


4. Install an Outdoor Fireplace

Finally, create a place for gathering in your outdoor living space which can be enjoyed through the seasons by installing an outdoor gas fireplace

Find the perfect balance between feel and function by selecting a zero clearance, low emission and high efficiency fireplace which suits both your style and practical needs.

If space is an issue, optimise your entertainment area with a fabulous Fire Table. This turns your four or six-person table top into a 360° social cooking experience for your family and guests.


This Escea EF5000 Outdoor Gas Fire creates a fantastic indoor meet outdoor entertainment area.

With each of these elements, you are well on your way to achieving the open and inviting outdoor living space you’ve been aspiring to.

At Stoke Fireplace Studio, we love helping our clients make their outdoor living room an extension of their home. Whether you're looking to add a touch of drama to your outdoor space with a gas fire, a wood fire, or an electric fireplace, we’ll help you find the right solution

With showrooms across Australia and New Zealand, our team of fireplace experts look forward to helping you design an outdoor space you’ll never want to leave.

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