5 Things You Need to Create the Ultimate Zen Zone at Home

Guest author Tracey Clayton from High Style Life shares her tips for creating the ultimate chill-out zone at home.

After an exhausting day at work, we all need a place to relax and regain our strength. Unfortunately, someone who lives with their family or flatmates knows how hard it can be to spend some time alone in the living room reading a book or watching their favourite TV show. Therefore, it’s essential to create a special space where a person can retreat to and clear their head from time to time. If you like the sound of this, take a look at the following list of practical suggestions on how to build your own meditation space in no time.


1. Pick a private space

The first step of the process is to pick the best and most private space in your home. Remember that no matter how small your home is, you can always find at least one part of the room and dedicate it exclusively to your needs. However, while the size of the space doesn’t really matter, you need to make sure that you opt for a quiet part of the house, preferably not next to your children’s room or the crowded main street. For example, a corner of your bedroom would be a good place to start. On the other hand, if you want this space to be completely isolated, but you don’t have an extra room in your home, think about remodelling your attic. With just a little bit of effort, you’ll get your own oasis of peace where you can come and escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily life routine. 


2. Choose a soothing colour for the walls

Colours can have a strong influence on our mood and thoughts, so if you want to get the most out of your Zen Zone, you need to choose carefully. For instance, orange and yellow have been shown to provoke creativity and productivity, while green and blue shades can evoke a feeling of peace and serenity. So, since you probably plan on using your Zen space for practicing yoga, listening to soothing music or just lying down enjoying your favourite book, we suggest opting for those calmer tones that won’t irritate your senses. On top of that, green will remind you of natural beauties, and its common knowledge that nature has a healing effect on our soul too. Finally, you don’t need to stick to just one colour – if you feel that a combination of two different shades will better reflect your personality and add a touch of playfulness to the room, go for it!


3. Let the light in

There is nothing worse than spending time in poorly-lit spaces. Not only will they make us feel depressed and drowsy, but they can cause us eye strain and severe headaches. With this in mind, you should remember to open the curtains and let the sunshine in. In case your windows are too small and you want to invest in glass panels instead, you must be smart when opting for the best financing for home improvements. Owing to the help of professionals, you’ll be able to invest wisely, get the improvement you’ve always wanted and turn your average home into an eco-friendly and energy-efficient one. Lastly, aside from having enough daylight, don’t forget to install a few light fixtures with dimmer switches as well. This way, you’ll be able to adjust the intensity of light to your mood and the occasion.


4. Give Hamptons style a try

The refined and beachy quality of the Hamptons style is what attracts the property owners to opt for it when designing the interiors of their home. It can be easily incorporated into every room including your Zen Zone and thus create a special flow throughout the house. You can start by bringing in a stylish linen sofa in one of the neutral tones, like beige or light grey, and then add a few colourful pillows to lighten the space. Just be careful to opt for a comfortable couch – you won’t be able to relax and get in touch with your inner self if you sacrifice cosiness for the look. Furthermore, since the Hamptons style values comfort above anything else, feel free to cover your timber floor with a soft patterned rug which will further contribute to a homey atmosphere and warm your feet too.



5. Keep it clutter-free

Last but not least, once you’re done decorating your little meditation sanctuary, you need to keep it completely clutter-free and get rid of all the items that you won’t use in there. The same goes for home accessories that you should keep to a minimum in order to avoid feeling suffocated and thus unable to unwind all the accumulated stress. After all, it’s common knowledge that our surroundings influence our thoughts significantly, so you can’t expect to think clearly and be at peace if you’re surrounded by constant mess.

As you can see, creating your personal Zen Zone doesn’t have to be that hard after all. You just need to discover what suits your taste and senses the best, and go for it. Remember that being comfortable and feeling good is your No. 1 priority, so you should never hesitate to pamper yourself a bit.

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