New product review: the Escea Fire Table


It’s the all-new EP1350 Fire Table from Escea and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. What might look like a simple piece of outdoor furniture is in fact so much more.

“Made for grilling feasts and camp-fire moments, the Fire Table combines sleek design with innovative technology to give you the ultimate outdoor dining and entertaining experience,” Escea’s lead designer Alex Hodge explains.

We thought it sounded like the perfect dinner party accessory, so we spent an evening trying it out. Here’s our review of the product.

A night around the Escea Fire Table

The Escea table comes with three cooking modes to choose from, skewer, grill or hot plate.

In the centre of the circular table you’ll find the fuel that fires the Fire Table, either wood or charcoal. We tried it out with wood but Escea recommends using charcoal for best grilling results (apparently it’s a lot easier and faster to get the ideal cooking temperature).


A key feature of the Fire Table is Escea’s Vortex Firecore technology, which reduces the smoke that comes out of the fire. A very necessary feature when you are sitting around it enjoying dinner! We were surprised that there was so little smoke while we managed to get really big flames.


Its circular design was great from a social aspect. We were all involved with the cooking and it was part of the party, sort of like when you eat teppanyaki at a Japanese restaurant – the cooking becomes part of the entertainment.

We like the primal campfire feel it gave to the night too. It was great for a crowd (there were six of us sitting around it). But you can also see how it would work for just two of you, especially since the cooking is so easy.

We went for a basic meal of chicken kebabs, with chargrilled style corn and wraps. We marinated the meat strips and seared them on the hot plate for the wraps and used the skewers and grill plate for the kebabs.

Other recipes we were keen to try another time are these chilli and garlic prawn skewers, halloumi and nectarine , Barbeque Glazed Pork Ribs or this Snapper with ginger miso sauce

ESCEA EP Fire Table - Grill Mode.jpg

The fire table’s ‘cool touch feature’ ensures that the outer ring really is just like a table and stays cool enough for your plates, drinks and hands. 

Once dinner was done, we cleared the table and took off the cooking grills so we were left with the wood fire.

Of course we couldn’t resist breaking out the marshmallows and guitar at this point, for a true campfire moment. The adaptability of the table makes it great for entertaining.


We were also impressed with the looks of the Fire Table. Its sleek and simple design means that it fits into most outdoor settings and can easily match most décor styles. At the moment it doesn’t come with stools, but these round concrete ones would be perfect, or for something a little bigger and made for lounging, check out the Quay Outdoor Dining Chair from King Living.



Whether you’ve got a sprawling patio with multiple alfresco zones or for homes tight on outdoor space, the Fire Table is an outdoor grill, fire and table all wrapped in one - what more could your backyard want?

Learn more about the EP1350 Fire Table here.










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