Spotlight on MODE: Luxury Gas Fireplaces Exclusive to Stoke


With clean lines, flawless finishes and unconventional shapes, MODE takes gas fireplace design to a bold new place.

MODE combines high-performance heat (10.2kW) with sleek good looks. Luxe finishes, invisible glass and flawless joins enhance the beauty of the flames and high definition fuelbed.


True View Low Reflection Glass is another feature on all MODE fires. This gives you sharper detail and less distraction, the glass is nearly invisible.

MODE fires have fewer visible joins for a seamless firebox that sits flush with the wall, making the fireplace appear embedded into the wall.


Flexible flue technology gives you the freedom to put a MODE fireplace anywhere, on any level, in the home.  The flues stay cool enough to handle most surround materials too, adding to the design flexibility of every MODE fireplace.

MODE currently comes in three different shapes – peninsula, corner and tall (with single and double sided variations available in the tall).

MODE Peninsula



The MODE Peninsula is an exciting three-sided and contemporary design – the delicacy of the glass contrasts with the surrounding encasement, creating a floating fireplace effect.  Reflective black glass on the fourth side adds depth, multiplying the flames and richly toned fuelbeds. This feature adds beauty to the firebox even when the fire is not burning.

MODE Corner


The two-sided Corner model wraps around the left or right wall. The Corner fire surprises with its off-centre appeal. It’s also a very versatile design that can fit within many different layouts.

Stoke AKL Mode (19).jpg


The MODE Tall is available both single and double sided. With an exaggerated height of 840mm, this fireplace packs a visual punch. The generous firebox, clean lines and negative space all come together in an elegantly understated way. 



MODE Concrete  Tall Single 3 lo res.jpg

The single sided Tall has reflective glass on the back and side panels for more depth. The double sided Tall is a contemporary and show-stopping way to divide your space.  Encased in a wall or column, the double sided fire gives beauty and warmth to two places at once. 

See the full range of MODE gas fireplaces in-store or online here.


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