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Escea Gas Fireplaces

Indoor & Outdoor

Escea makes remarkable and beautiful gas fires. They have a gas fire that will suit your home – from the powerful multiroom DX Series that provides a centrepiece for your living area, while ducting heat to other rooms, to the DF Series that will make your living room feel intimate and cosy. Their fires go outside too – they make gas and wood outdoor fireplaces so friends and family can talk and while away the hours staring at flames. You can hone your culinary skills over the cooking plate on a wood outdoor fire.

Escea puts social back in front of the fire, using technology to give a conversational heart and soul to your house. Their fires are much better looking than those ever-present smartphones or computer screens. For all the emphasis on modern design, the company takes pride in their hand-finished fires. 

About Escea Gas Fireplaces

About Escea Gas Fireplaces

Escea is a New Zealand leader in gas fire design and innovation. At the heart of their philosophy is the belief that gas fireplaces should be beautiful, efficient and easy to use. Founded in 2002, and proudly based in Dunedin, the company has won awards for its business and designs both in New Zealand and overseas. Escea has a strong commitment to the environment. The company’s research and development programme keeps them at the forefront of fireplace innovations in efficiency and new technologies.

Design Your Fire

Our Design Your Fire tool allows you to create and compare a wide range of Escea gas fireplace ideas. Select a fireplace model, then add a fascia (fireplace surround) and fuel bed. Use our interactive sliding tool to compare different options side-by-side and select your preferred fireplace design.