1. They have been crafted to perfection for over 30 years in Melle, Germany.

2. Their three sided corner fire is adorably unconventional and unexpected.


Spartherm Bay wood fireplace

3. Large fireboxes hold a lot of wood and kick out a lot of heat, perfect for open plan spaces.

4. Big glass windows makes for a maximum flame viewing pleasure.


Spartherm Single XL wood fireplace

5. Wood is a renewable fuel source and Spartherm’s are clean burning and efficient.

6. The double sided fireplace makes a gorgeous room divider.


Spartherm Double Sided wood fire

7. Their lift doors have special technology that makes them super-sleek to lift.

8. They kick out a LOT of heat – up to 28kW in fact.


Spartherm Single Sided wood fire

9. The flames are like nothing you have ever seen before.

10. They have a European look, and are now available in New Zealand – at Stoke Fireplace Studio.


Spartherm Corner wood fireplace