It's a new year, which brings with it some new ideas, products and trends for the home. Whether you're looking for a complete overhaul, or just a couple of pieces to update your home, read on.

From embracing imperfection and bolder colours, to patterned plants and spa bathrooms, we round up a few key interior trends for 2018.

Mabi Sabi

Last year we were all about embracing the Danish concept of 'hygge' and looking to appreciate the cosy moments in life. Now, a new philosophy  is gaining momentum. 'Wabi Sabi' is the Japanese Zen concept meaning "finding beauty in imperfection and accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay."


Wooden kitchenware on display at the Maison Objet Show.

From an aesthetic standpoint, it's about embracing flaws, asymmetry and natural form.  Here's a perfect example: in Japan, broken objects such as vases and bowls are repaired with gold. The flaw is seen as a unique piece of the object's history, which adds to its beauty. This is known as "kintsugi" and the repair kits have even made their way into New Zealand interior stores.


Wabi Sabi Vessels from


Spa Inspired Bathrooms 

Pinterest searches for "bathroom spa" have increased by  269% in the last year. What elevates a bathroom to "spa like status?" More space, a freestanding bath, high quality materials, a calming palette and luxury items such as fireplaces, steam showers and double sinks.



Dark & Moody 

After a long reign, the light and bright Scandinavian aesthetic has hit peak popularity and is making way for a darker, moodier aesthetic.

Expect to see darker woods, especially in kitchens. Although a white on white kitchen will always hold appeal, dark cabinetry and walnut timber are gaining traction in the interior world. This look is more intriguing and masculine, while also giving a nod to mid century design.


Matte black teamed with walnut coloured timber is a winning combo in kitchens.


Lounge-with-gas-fire (1).jpg

Dark timber and metallic touches give this Auckland home a glamorous edge.


Texture & Pattern

Velvet was big last year and shows no signs of slowing down, with lots of lush velvet chairs and sofas featuring at the latest Maison Objet (Europe's most coveted design trade show). Jewel colours such as emerald green and midnight blue work perfectly with velvet and add a touch of art deco glamour, texture and colour to your home. As well as furniture, expect to see plenty of cushions, throws and duvets in velvet. A good way to update with the look, without going overboard.


Caramel coloured leather is also set to continue to dominate, with the durable material becoming popular in woven chairs, slingback chairs, bedheads and barstools.  Terrazzo (a surface material made up of chips of marble or granite set in concrete and polished) is also making a comeback. And in terms of splashback tiles, fish scales are being hailed as the next big thing.


Caramel leather, fish scale tiles and terrazzo are big materials for 2018.


Houseplants & Greenery

Another ongoing trend that is still going strong is bringing the outdoors into your home with indoor plants.

We've seen a lot of this lately, from vertical plant walls and fiddle leaf figs, to the split leaf philodendron and monstera deliciosa plant.

But the newest green trend is "patterned plants", which Pinterest has seen a huge 533% increase in saves.

Of all the trends, this one is possibly the easiest to achieve. It's an affordable way to make your interior more homely, healthy and beautiful.

houseplants-image-1 (1).jpg
houseplants-image-1 (1).jpg




Interestingly, the indoor plant trend was big in the seventies, as was another big trend popping up again - rattan and wicker furniture.  For a long time there it was relegated to conservatories and old people's homes, but with its earthy and relaxing vibe that is also eco-friendly, it's easy to see why rattan furniture has become cool again.


Arent Pyke Willoughby House