In the laid-back suburb of Bronte, this family home is epitomised by solidity.  Hard-wearing, natural materials that will thrive in its seaside locale give the home a robustness that lends itself to a love of living. 

kate bell bronte exterior web res
kate bell bronte exterior web res

Interior Designer Kate Bell was met with a brief for a relaxed, yet “bulletproof” home that would meet the demands of a young and active family comprised of three kids and their comings and goings of their  friends as well.

A sense of play is evident as you walk through the home. Unexpected pops of colour and texture give the home a pulse.

"The good thing with Katie was that she was very happy to take risks. Experiment with colour and have a lot of fun. That worked well for both of us." – Kate Bell.

ds1150 bronte katebell lores

Escea DS1150 Gas Fireplace supplied by Stoke Fireplace Studio Sydney. Image: Jason Busch

In the living area, an Escea DS1150 gas fireplace balances the palette with a pared-back elegance.  Sitting on an off-form concrete hearth with a Venetian plaster surround – a perfect canvas for the fires’ impressive flames.

 "The fireplace really is the nucleus of the home. It’s just a very simple design – it’s all about the flame. That ambient light and that sense of warmth. Nothing is taking over." - Kate Bell.

The fireplace was supplied and installed by the team at Stoke Fireplace Studio Sydney. Owner Jarrod Strauss says the DS1150 model is one of their most popular fireplaces – loved for its size, sleek look, and immaculate finish.

The ability to have combustible materials right up to the glass, as well as artwork or televisions hung just 200mm above the fire was another benefit of the DS Series that sets it apart from its competitors.

"It’s always very pleasing to see our fireplaces installed in such high-end designer settings. It gives me a great sense of pride."  – Jarrod Strauss.

Learn more about the Escea DS1150 here.