Director of FE Design Interiors and the talent behind recently featured project Nolan House, Fiona Bruzzano (Fee), has been in the design industry for over 13 years. She lives and breathes interiors, approaching each design brief with an open mind and her clients at the very core.

fee pic_1
fee pic_1

“I have deep respect for every project I am engaged on and for the clients that make it all possible. I work closely with my clients and trades to ensure every detail is captured throughout the process and I particularly adore the close connection I continue to have with my clients after the project is completed.”

Her transition into project management was an organic result of her natural tendency to immerse herself in every aspect of the project.

“I am a detail queen, so site presence was important to me and ensured I could be across every detail and capture any opportunity that opened up early on in the build.”

We had the pleasure of talking to Fee about her recent project, Nolan House, shortlisted in the IDEA 2022 awards. We asked her to share her best advice for anyone approaching their first build or renovation project. Here’s what she had to say.

Do your research

“Planning is the key to every step forward in any development. Find out as much as possible about the land, the services, and the zoning. Do a little private detective work on any previous developments in the street.”

Find your people

“Find an interior designer that will listen to you. This is key to interpreting the look and feel of the home you are wanting to achieve. Look for a good architect or building designer that you can work well with, or better still, a team that works together on most of their projects. These two people are critical in the initial stages and right through the whole process to the end.”

220315 fedesign nolanbalgowlahh 1309
220315 fedesign nolanbalgowlahh 1309

Keep talking

“Communication is key. It’s the most important thing to ensure everyone is working towards the same goal. Keeping informed will also keep your stress levels low. We all want to be informed especially when it comes to money. And we all know building and renovating is expensive.”

220315 fedesign nolanbalgowlahh 1420
220315 fedesign nolanbalgowlahh 1420

Design for you

“Try not to go into a build or renovation with the mindset of ‘I need to be generic for resale’. We never know what is around the corner and you may not sell for years. It’s going to cost you money, so live with beauty around you and make it about you, no one else. You want your home to reflect your life experiences.

It may start with a collectible from travel or a beautiful piece of natural stone, and that’s what starts the palette.”

220315 fedesign nolanbalgowlahh 1841 m

The MODE Peninsula was chosen by the homeowner early on in the design process and many of the decisions that followed accommodated this choice.

Step outside your comfort zone

“Be open to the journey of something new. Engaging a designer can take you to places outside of your comfort zone but also can be the best investment you make.  Having this person means you have a confidence buffer to bounce off and an experienced professional that guides you and won’t let you make rookie mistakes. Not to mention the plethora of unique ideas and materials that will open to you.”

cabinetry collage

Fee’s experience and affinity for unconventional design meant that the homeowners were able to see their life experiences materialize through bold design moves.

Design for the future

“Consider and choose elements and materials of superior quality. Purchase some key items, timeless pieces that cost a little more but will be striking moments in your home through the years. Muted tones are timeless and easy to live with. Then, you can add colour to restyle the space over the years without too much cost. Try not to copy trends entirely – use elements of them but be unique. Consider what you’re attracted to and why - this is so important with creating a timeless interior.”

mode peninsula fedesign nolan house flames

Quality appliances and superior materials give Nolan house a luxury finish, and lasting permanence.

Take a tour of Nolan House here.