Style Spotlight: Madeleine Blanchfield Architects

As long as Madeleine Blanchfield can remember she always wanted to be an architect. “Even as a child, I was acutely aware of the built environment,” says Madeleine. She believes that architecture can enhance people’s lives, affect their mood and personal interactions. And it’s this kind of self-awareness and conviction that makes Madeleine the award-winning architect she is today.

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Coogee House II. Photo: Robert Walsh

After studying environmental design and architecture, Madeleine went on to be Associate Director at one of Sydney’s leading architecture and interior design firms. She went out on her own in 2009 and started Madeleine Blanchfield Architects (MBA) in her spare room, a new baby beside her.


Coogee House II. Photo: Robert Walsh

Fast forward 10 years and today she works out of her own corner studio in Sydney’s trendy suburb of Paddington, surrounded by her very own team of 8 architects and interior designers.

“It‘s like sitting on the street. I love the light and being connected to the neighbourhood and part of the community… I feel like I’ve lived a day in the world in our current office.”

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Centennial Park House. Photo: Prue Ruscoe

As a firm, MBA strives to create architecture that elevates people’s mood and spirit. “It has clarity, is flooded with sun, light and is responsive to the client’s brief,” says Madeleine. Perhaps what’s so appealing about Madeleine’s design process is the openness she has with her clients “We treat them as part of the design team,” Madeleine explains “this allows them to feel ownership of the final product and allows us to draw on them for inspiration and ensure the house is truly theirs.”


Attic House. Fire by Escea Fireplaces. Photo: Anson Smart

Madeleine herself says she is inspired by Japanese design. “The style deals beautifully with the journey through spaces and the interface between public and private space.” Travel is also a great source of inspiration for Madeleine, as are the characters and traits of her own clients.

When it comes to projects, Madeleine makes it clear that they treat each one as its own entity. Because of this she finds it easy to avoid trends as each home’s style and form is derived from the brief. It’s this approach to the design process that results in MBA’s timeless style that’s “pared back and purposeful”.


Centennial Park House. Photo: Prue Ruscoe

Although Madeleine’s signature style might appear modest at first, look closer and you’ll see her thoughtful planning, experience and expertise is clear. She says “We seek simplicity and elegance in our design solutions. Simplicity is usually the result of a rigorous design process that involves many iterations.” It’s this appreciation for good design and finer details that makes Madeleine a stand out in the architectural world today.

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Cresent Head House. Fire by Escea Fireplaces. Photo: Robert Walsh


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