No strangers to a challenge, Adelaide twins Alisa and Lysandra thrive on them.

Winners of The Block Australia, ambitious entrepreneurs, award-winning interior designers and mothers – the sisters had a long-standing dream of building family homes side by side.

Marking their third Design Duo series together, they found the ideal block of land in the coastal suburb of Somerton Park, setting the stage for a project that would not only be a personal endeavour but also the backdrop for their latest ‘Twin Off’ series.

lysandra duplex_1
lysandra duplex_1

For Lysandra, the dream of designing this home for her family had been a long time in the making. With two teenage boys, the design process became a delicate balance of contemporary aesthetics and family functionality. From a backyard basketball ring and AstroTurf to a dedicated gaming room, the design seamlessly intertwined the needs of a growing family with a modern and stylish ambience.

When it came to the fireplace, Lysandra commends the advice, support and overall experience with Adam and the team at Stoke Fireplace Studio Adelaide.

“Adam and the team at Stoke Fireplace Studio were a wealth of knowledge and really talked me through what was involved in the install process, as well as the functions of what Escea fireplaces can do.”

lysandra living room fireplace_1

The Escea DF960 gas fireplace sets the scene for a ‘contemporary, luxe style'.

As the project unfolded, the focal point of the living space took shape with the Escea DF960 gas fireplace. In a home designed to emulate an overall ‘contemporary feel with a moody luxe vibe’, the fireplace was nestled within the open-plan living, dining and kitchen area, and played a crucial role in setting the tone for the entire space.

From a design point of view, Lysandra welcomed the flexibility that Escea offers, allowing for the fireplace and surrounds to be seamless.

The fireplace surround, featuring rendered walls and natural stone, blends flawlessly with other design elements within the home. Lysandra chose the materials not just for their aesthetic appeal but also for their ability to enhance the overall mood of the home.

Choosing Escea and the DF960 model was a deliberate decision rooted in design flexibility, appreciating the ability to customise the fireplace and its surrounds. The range of options, from fascia colours to frame widths and fuelbed choices, provided her with a sense of tailored luxury.

lysandra fireplace df960_1

Lysandra wanted to enjoy entertaining friends and family, and revel in the “atmosphere of an ‘open fire’ without the mess or fuss.”

“The feel for my home is overall contemporary, with a moody luxe vibe- which is the perfect setting for a fireplace, and it sets the tone for the whole open-plan area.” - Lysandra

Somerton Park project stands not just as a series backdrop, but as a testament to the perfect blend of individual style, functionality, and design excellence brought to life by Lysandra.

Learn more about the Escea DF960 at Stoke Fireplace Studio Adelaide