In the seaside suburb of Somerton Park in Adelaide, twin sisters Alisa and Lysandra – The Block Australia winners, business owners, interior designers, and mothers – embarked on a project together, quite literally.

Having previously collaborated on two Design Duo Series, they decided to build their own family homes – this time, side-by-side duplex-style. While externally appearing quite similar, it's on the inside where their individual personalities and styles truly shine.

alisa duplex_1
alisa duplex_1

Drawn to the coastal charm of the area, Alisa's home blends touches of Japandi with Scandi undertones, with an overarching organic appeal – creating a ‘calm and balanced feel for her family’ was a priority. Alisa took charge of the entire process, from the initial design phase through the build, and the final styling, spanning 18 months.

alisa living room fireplace_1

Alisa’s home features the Escea DS1150 frameless gas fireplace as the ‘focal point’.

While the living space is open plan, Alisa says, "It was designed with a cosy and inviting ambience in mind. I designed a space where family and friends could gather, relax, and enjoy each other’s company.”

With a ‘lighter feel’ throughout, it was important for Alisa to create cohesion within the home, especially when adding in a focal point such as the fireplace.

alisa fireplace ds1150_1

The Escea DS1150 gas fireplace sits within a rendered wall, consistent with other design elements throughout the home.

Alisa engaged the team at Stoke Fireplace Studio Adelaide to help navigate the fireplace selection and installation process to help make the journey as seamless as possible.

Alisa says there are a few reasons why she chose an Escea gas fireplace, particularly the frameless DS1150 model.

“At the forefront of my choice was the fire’s design and functionality – its minimalist design lets the fireplace speak for itself. It truly is the focal point of the living space.”

Set within a rendered wall that’s consistent with the home’s overall design, the stone feature connects the living area to the kitchen, creating visual continuity throughout the open-plan space.

alisa kitchen_1
alisa kitchen_1

However, the journey wasn’t without its challenges. Navigating the complexities of post-pandemic construction, the project faced supply issues and securing trades, resulting in an extended build timeline. Nevertheless, challenges were met with resilience and ultimately resulted in a home that mirrors Alisa’s vision as a haven for family life.

Stoke Fireplace Studio’s local Adelaide team played a crucial role in ensuring a smooth fireplace installation.

“Adam and his team were fantastic to work with. They really stepped us through the entire process and features of the fireplace. We had a tight deadline for installation, but Adam made it all happen.”

Now that the project is complete, Alisa shares, “This home is a true reflection of what I had envisioned for my family to live in. The fireplace is a beautiful feature, and we love having movie nights as a family with the fire on, providing both warmth and atmosphere.

Learn more about the Escea DS1150 Single Sided Gas Fireplace at Stoke Fireplace Studio Adelaide