18 Flame-grilling Recipes for the Festive Season

If you love the holiday season but you don’t love the stress and organising it entails, a simple Christmas dinner might be a good way to reduce your pre-festive angst and make the lead up to the big day, that much easier.

Escea’s range of outdoor wood fires all come with cooking grills which means not only are they an epic outdoor fire, they’re also capable of cooking up a magical Christmas feast for the whole family (and perhaps neighbourhood too). So why not take the kitchen-prep outside, save on your dishes, and get the whole family involved in Christmas Dinner this year?

We’ve found some delicious flame-grilled recipes for you to try on Christmas Day that are perfect for cooking on an outdoor fireplace and grill.

Breakfast on the Grill

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Start the day how you mean to go on.

Keep things simple by frying up some eggs, bacon, vine tomatoes, sausages and Portobello mushrooms for a full English grill on the hot plate. Don’t forget a loaf of freshly sliced ciabatta drizzled with olive oil and a steaming hot coffee in hand too. If you’re more of a sweet tooth, try this BBQ French Toast washed down with a Mimosa, or if you’re up for it, a Bloody Mary never hurt.

Round 2: Christmas Dinner Appetizers

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Once a sense of calm has been restored, get ready for Round 2. It’s time to get thinking of the main event, but first, a few appetizers to keep your guests going.

For something light, try this Grilled Garlic and Herb Flatbread. For something a little more substantial, kebabs are always a good crowd pleaser and are perfect for cooking on the Fire Table. For seafood lovers’, these BBQ Prawns with Peach Glaze will go down a treat. If veggies are more your thing, take a look at these Haloumi and Vegetable Skewers.

The Main Affair: Christmas Dinner

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For an easy yet delicious Christmas feast, we found this tasty recipe for a BBQ Glazed Ham. If you’re looking for a red meat option as well, check out Annabel Langbein’s epic Butterflied Lamb Leg. And if you’re really feeling brave, check out this Crispy Duck with Fire Roasted Plum Sauce.

For sides, try this Grilled Corn Cob with parsley smothered with garlic brown butter and some grilled broccollini. For something fresh, a grilled veggie salad with feta and tabbouleh will go down well alongside a classic potato or kumara salad.

Afters: Flame-grilled Desserts

Flame Grilling Christmas Recipes 4.jpg

Just when you thought Christmas Day couldn’t get much better; get ready for some mouth-watering flame-grilled desserts that will finish off the day just like you started.

The circular design of Escea’s Fire Table makes it perfect for the kids to muck in at this point too. They can make their own marshmallow and strawberry kebabs, and then watch as they toast away and enjoy a classic campfire experience in their own backyard. For next level goo-ey goodness, try this smores dip or Chocolatey BBQ Bananas. For the adults, these grilled summer fruit kebabs might be more up your alley.


ESCEA EP Fire Table - Cooking Mode 3.jpg

Perhaps the most rewarding part of the day is saved till last. The beauty of Escea’s outdoor wood fires is that they all easily transition from cooking mode to fire mode, which means you don’t need to move an inch. Remove the grills, load some wood, put your feet up and make sure you’ve got a drink in hand. Merry Christmas!


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