Situated amongst the mountainous landscape of Central Otago, this architectural holiday home is a great city-escape where the extended family can come together.

Designed by Dunedin architectural firm Mason and Wales, the home exemplifies everything we love about the modern kiwi crib – open plan living that encourages conversation and connection, while celebrating the natural surrounds.

The exterior design of the Clyde home is a thoughtful nod to the elements. The dark tones and gable form add to the homes rugged charm, while also allowing it to blend into its alpine surroundings.  Inside; layering, texturing and rich tones call out the stark contrast of the changing seasons that Central Otago is so well known for, creating a warm and cosy retreat from the climate.

Escea EK1550-Fire Mode-Exterior-Mason and Wales - Simon Devitt-920px.png
Escea EK1550-Fire Mode-Exterior-Mason and Wales - Simon Devitt-920px.png

Built for the extended family, the home is comprised of two pavilions, connected by a central courtyard. The main pavilion is offset by a smaller, second pavilion which accommodates the constant comings and goings of grandchildren with several built-in bunk beds. The main pavilion is a spacious place of connection where the family can thaw out after a day on the slopes, or retreat from the sun after a morning on the lake.

Escea EK1550-Cooking Mode-Mason-and-Wales-Simon Devitt-920px.png

The EK1550 Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen in Cooking Mode.

In the outdoor courtyard, Escea’s handsome EK1550 Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen takes centre-stage. Like the landscape, this fire commands attention with its rugged good looks, sitting on a concrete plinth hearth and surround in black steel.  There’s nothing kiwis love more than cooking outdoors and the EK’s ability to transition from a professional flame-grilling appliance to a roaring outdoor fireplace is sure to impress.  With the option of grills, hot plates, meat hooks and even a pizza oven accessory there’s something for foodies and toddlers to enjoy.

Escea EK1550-Fire Mode-Mason and Wales - Simon Devitt-920px.png

The EK1550 Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen in Fire Mode.

As the sun sets behind the hills, the courtyard comes alive with the roar of the outdoor fireplace. Grandchildren can huddle around with marshmallows on sticks as the adults settle in with a Central Otago pinot, or craft beer.  

Learn more about the EK Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen here, or see it at your nearest Stoke Fireplace Studio.

Photography by Simon Devitt.