9 Fireplace Surround Ideas to Match Your Interior Style

Finding a fireplace to match your interior style is actually the easy bit – it’s knowing your interior style or look you want that’s the tricky part!

To help you find a fireplace surround that suits you and your home’s interior, we break down 9 popular interior styles and recommend which fireplaces will suit best, and how you can customise each fireplace to get the perfect look.

1. Modern

Stoke Fireplace Studio_Fireplace Style Ideas_920px x 600px_Modern.jpg

A modern interior style usually consists of crisp, clean lines, flat surfaces and a restrained colour palette. You’ll see this style of home complimented with accents of stainless or black steel, classic square-edged furniture and minimal clutter.

When it comes to fireplace surrounds, you’ll find grey undertones with either a frameless design or silver fascia. Flat, smooth materials will surround the fire (think concrete, slab tiles or a simple plasterboard painted wall) and rather than a mantel, you might find a television or statement piece of art above the fire.

Fires: MODE (all models), Escea DS, DX and DL Series, Spartherm Corner

Frame-style: Frameless, Titanium Silver Fascia (DL Series), Linear Trim (DX)

Fuelbeds: Onyx or Pearl Gems (MODE), Coals, Crystalight, River Rock, Logs (DL Series)

Surround materials: Concrete, tiles (matte or semi-gloss), painted plasterboard (greys, whites and black), steel.


2. Contemporary

Stoke Fireplace Studio_Fireplace Style Ideas_920px x 600px2_Contemporary.jpg

Contemporary can be thought of as a design-based style or what’s current in the architectural or interior design world.

In Australia and New Zealand we’re seeing fireplaces integrated into bespoke cabinetry surrounds which double as entertainment units or storage space. Surround materials like oak, marble and black steel are being used, with accents of brass and soft linen fabrics to complete the style.

Fires: MODE Corner, Peninsula and Tall, Escea DS Series and DFS, Double Sided Spartherm

Frame-style: Frameless, Freestanding

Fuelbeds (gas fires): Traditional Logs, Woodland Selection, Coals

Surround materials: Bespoke cabinetry, oak and walnut timber, black steel, marble, floating concrete hearths.


3. Minimalist

Stoke Fireplace Studio_Fireplace Style Ideas_920px x 600px3_Minimalist.jpg

The notion of minimalism resolves around functionality – if something isn’t serving a purpose, you don’t need it. In interiors, you’ll see this reflected with well-designed, timeless furniture that often has dual purpose. You’ll also notice plenty of white, light spaces with little clutter, clever storage solutions and sharp lines.

Frameless fireplaces are sharply rising in popularity and are in many modern minimalist homes. Innovative technology like Escea’s Zero Clearance rating means gas fireplaces can be built directly into a wall with no requirement for special heat-rated materials. Because of these capabilities, fireplaces are being integrated into storage systems and entertainment units with little adornments or decorative elements for a seamless, minimalist look.

Fires: MODE (all models), Escea DX and DS Series, Spartherm XL

Frame-style: Frameless

Fuelbeds: Onyx or Pearl Gems (MODE), NZ River Rock, Crystalight, Coals

Surround materials: Concealed cabinetry and hidden storage surrounds, monochrome colour palette, concrete.


4. Mid-century modern

Stoke Fireplace Studio_Fireplace Style Ideas_920px x 600px4_Mid Century Modern.jpg

Taking cues from the 1930s–1970s, Mid-century modern style consists of organic forms, angular structures, and an emphasis on the outdoors and functionality. You will see plenty of brick, stone, warm orange undertones and timber throughout.

Fireplaces are being used in Mid-century modern homes with full brick surrounds and are often installed freestanding, or sitting on a brick or stone ledge.

Fires: MODE Peninsula, Escea DFS Freestanding and DF Series

Frame-style: Frameless, Freestanding, Volcanic Black Fascia

Fuelbeds: Logs, Woodland Selection, Coals

Surround materials: Warm timbers, brick, brick-tiles, decorative stone and breeze blocks.


5. Traditional

Stoke Fireplace Studio_Fireplace Style Ideas_920px x 600px5_Traditional.jpg

Traditional interiors feature classic, ornate details with a rich colour palette. You’ll see lots of layering, a variety of textures and sumptuous furnishings.

Fireplaces in traditional homes are often retrofitted into existing open fireplaces (brick or stone) or character surrounds (ornate mantelpieces). In new homes, modern mantelpieces are being installed around the fire and have in-built shelving either side (this style is big on symmetry!). Artwork or mirrors are also a popular feature in traditional settings, often positioned above the fire, or in place of a TV.

Fires: MODE Tall, Escea DF and DL Series, Spartherm XL

Frame-style: Frameless, Volcanic Black or Titanium Silver Fascia (DF and DL Series)

Fuelbeds: Logs, Woodland Selection

Surround materials: Brick, ornate mantels and surrounds, decorative stone, wallpaper.


6. Rustic

Stoke Fireplace Studio_Fireplace Style Ideas_920px x 600px7_Rustic.jpg

Inspired by nature and often celebrating raw, unfinished materials, a rustic interior style features exposed timber beams, raw concrete and stone. You’ll see accents inspired by animals and the outdoors like antlers, animal skins and plenty of unpolished furniture, fixtures and fittings.

Fireplace surrounds in rustic homes are often clad in schist (a particularly popular surround choice in Central Otago). You’ll also see some solid mantelpieces made from recycled timbers and aged metals.

Fires: MODE Tall, Escea DF and DL Series, Spartherm (All models)

Frame-style: Frameless, Volcanic Black Fascias

Fuelbeds: Woodland Selection, Logs, Coals

Surround materials: Brick, rustic timber mantels, unpolished stone.


7. Modern Luxe

Stoke Fireplace Studio_Fireplace Style Ideas_920px x 600px8_Glam.jpg

Modern luxe is all about the glam. You’ll see an abundance of luxury and drama with bold statements and shiny, reflective materials. A monochrome palette with feminine, pastel accents is often used alongside delicate furniture, plush furnishings and silky smooth textures like velvet and high gloss finishes.

You’ll see modern luxe fireplace surrounds with gloss tiles (often marble), along with shaggy rugs or gloss tiles on the floor too. It’s not uncommon to see black and white fireplace surrounds which allow the abundance of accessories or luxe furnishings in the room to shine. Double sided fireplaces add drama and wow-factor as do fuelbeds like crystalight and whiskey gems.

Fires: MODE (all models), Escea DS and DX Series

Frame-style: Frameless, Bevelled Lite (DX Series)

Fuelbeds: Whiskey, Onyx or Pearl Gems (MODE), Crystalight, Coals, Driftwood on Crystalight

Surround materials: Gloss tiles, marble, metallics.


8. Coastal Hamptons

Stoke Fireplace Studio_Fireplace Style Ideas_920px x 600px6_Coastal Hamptons.jpg

Light, airy sea-inspired decor is often found in Coastal Hamptons style homes. It’s a relaxed vibe with lots of fresh whites, wood and accents of blue. Large windows, plush linen sofas and white-washed finishings combine to create an effortless and calming, yet sophisticated style.

Fireplace surrounds with tongue and groove panelling are often found in this style of home. You might also see white brick fireplaces with a wooden mantel, or a simple white mantel surround adorned with nautical themed décor and accessories.

Fires: MODE Tall, Escea DF Series, Spartherm XL

Frame-style: Frameless, Slim or Stretch Fasica (DF Series)

Fuelbeds: Driftwood, Woodland Selection, White Coals, NZ River Rock

Surround materials: Tongue & Groove panelling, white painted bricks, white wood mantel and surround.


9. Industrial

Stoke Fireplace Studio_Fireplace Style Ideas_920px x 600px9_Industrial.jpg

Industrial-style homes take cues from old factories and industrial spaces. High ceilings are a typical feature in new homes or loft-style renovations, and hard-wearing materials like metal, concrete, bare bricks and timber are used throughout.

These same materials can be found in fireplace cladding, with the surround often extending all the way to the ceiling. Freestanding fireplaces with exposed flues are also popular in industrial homes.

Fires: MODE Tall, Escea DFS Freestanding Fireplace & DL Series, Spartherm XL

Frame-style: Frameless, Volcanic Black Fascias (DL Series)

Fuelbeds: Black Coals, Logs, Woodland Selection

Surround materials: Black steel, bare bricks, concrete blocks.


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