Matching your TV Size to your Fireplace

At Stoke, we sell fireplace brands that are leading the way in technology, innovation and design. Recently one of these brands, Escea, came together with Samsung to solve the modern living room layout dilemma – do you prioritise the fireplace, the TV or beautiful art? With Escea’s lowest TV clearance on the market and Samsung’s latest QLED and The Frame televisions, you no longer need to choose, but now you can, in fact, have it all.

Escea has put together this handy guide to help you choose the right TV size for your fireplace:

Samsung DX1500.jpg

Escea understands that while the fireplace is the heart of the home, you can’t watch the latest episode of Grand Designs on our fires (yet?). We’ve endeavoured to get the TV as low as possible above the fireplace so that whether it is Game of Thrones, Suits, or The Kardashians (we won’t judge!), you won’t strain your neck with a TV too far up the wall.

One question Escea gets asked a lot, is “what size fire would be best for my 65inch TV?” – And so we’ve created this design guide, to help you match your TV to the fire or your fire to your TV.

While the images below show the optimal size match, a few inches more never hurt anyone.

DS1650 Samsung 75” Q9F 4K Smart QLED TV

Samsung DS1650.jpg

Escea’s latest release and widest fire yet, the DS1650 fireplace gives you less of everything to give you more than ever before. Less frame and unnecessary detail for more focus on the flames. Less wasted heat with a higher efficiency rating. And less depth to give you a sleek gas fireplace that uses a small footprint in the home. Available both single and double sided, the DS1650 combined with Samsung’s new QLED TV is everything you need for the ultimate in viewing pleasure.

DS1400 – Samsung 65” Q6F 4K Smart QLED TV

Samsung DS1400.jpg

The DS1400 fireplace (also available single or double-sided) has taken away everything you don’t need for a minimalist look that focuses on the flame. With a heat output of 9.5kW, the DS1400 will effortlessly heat your living area, for a cosy night in with Netflix.

DX1500 – Samsung 65” The Frame TV

Samsung DX1500.jpg

The DX1500 (available single or double sided) makes an impact when paired with a 65” TV and our low TV clearance for this model of 250mm. The DX1500 gas fireplace is ducted, so you can heat other areas of your home with just 1 fireplace.

DX1000 – Samsung 49” UHD 4K Flat Smart TV MU6400 Series 6 TV

Samsung  DX1000.jpg

The DX1000 gas fireplace (available single or double sided) gives you the frameless, linear look, with 8.4kW of heat dispersed throughout the home via heat ducting. Paired best with a 49” TV, this fire is a popular choice as a room divider between two living spaces.

DL850 – Samsung 55” The Frame TV

Samsung DL850.jpg

The DL850 is perfect for making an impact, and comfortably heats with 9.2kW of heat output, and can be controlled via your smartphone with Escea’s Smart Heat app, so you only need the remote to your 55” TV within arms reach.

DL1100 – 65” Q7F 4K Smart QLED TV


The larger, more efficient, and higher heat output version of the DL850, the DL1100 gas fireplace has a huge 10.4kW heat output and 5-star efficiency so will heat your room faster than Frank Underwood’s rise to power. Paired best with a 65” TV, and just in time for the next House of Cards binge.

DF700 – Samsung 32" Full HD Flat TV M5500 Series 5

Samsung DF700.jpg

The DF700 is Escea’s smallest fire, but still, packs a punch with 5.9kW heat output and a thin frame giving the largest viewable glass area in its category. Perfect for retrofits into brick chimney spaces, the DF700 is ideal when renovating your lounge, after watching an episode of The Block and critiquing their exotic design decisions. Paired best with a 32” TV, but most people will opt for larger.

DF960 – Samsung 43" UHD 4K Flat Smart TV MU6100 Series 6

Samsung DF960.jpg

With a high heat output of 7.7kW, large flame viewing area, minimal frame, and a natural looking log fuel bed, it’s easy to see why the DF960 is one of Escea’s more popular fireplace models. Paired best with a 43” TV, and looks great with our super-low TV height clearance of just 200mm.

Note: The height clearance between the fireplace and the TV varies between each Escea model. These diagrams are scaled correctly, but differ if you are using a mantle above the fireplace. For more information and dimensions check the installation manual for the model you are interested in, from Escea's technical page.

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