Another year of interior design is before us and we can’t wait to see what 2021 brings. In 2020, we saw a big shift in the relationship that we have with our homes as we were forced to spend more time at home than we ever imagined we would.

According to Vogue Living, this has resulted in a big move away from minimalism, as empty spaces became too much for us we found comfort in bright colours, engaging patterns and artwork.

Tidy side tables made way for cluttered bookcases and we swapped out our mass produced, scandi flatpack furniture for pieces that were made locally, and to last.

In 2021, we expect to see a continuation of the movement away from the trends of yesterday as the new generation rebels against the last, taking inspiration from the revolutionary trends of history.



escea eclectic interior inspo 1

Image Credit: My Domaine

This style is all about the art of juxtaposition. The coming together of disparate styles in a way that is aesthetic and celebrates culture and history.  There are no rules which may be why we are seeing this style resurface in a time when we find ourselves more limited when it comes to self expression – it’s all about fun.  In fact, Architectural Digest named “joy” as one of the top 6 predicted interior design trends for 2021. Unexpected colour and pattern combinations are typical of eclectic style – as is the gallery wall which showcases different art forms and styles.  

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of every day life.” ~ Pablo Picasso



escea grandmillenial inspo 2

Image Credit: One King Lane

Grandmillennial is best described as an ode to old-school. A strong rebellion against the beige minimalism popularised by the previous generation by answering back with colour and pattern.  It’s nostalgic at heart but freshened up with abstract art and luxurious brass accents.  Think Heirloom furniture and patterned wallpaper with a pop of Wassily Kandinsky and a gold vase of wildflowers. Then add a MODE corner gas fire for a modern impact.

"There are two things that make a room timeless: a sense of history and a piece of the future." – Charlotte Moss


Brown takes beige (Brave ground – Dulux colour of the year 2021)

escea style inso dulux colour of the year 3

Image Credit: Dulux

For those who can’t get past a minimalist look, we’re anticipating a move away from lighter beige to warm browns matched with earthy blues and oranges.  Thought to be both comforting and gounding, Dulux named “Brave ground” the colour of the year for 2021 and we expect to see this everywhere as we continue to seek a sense of calm in our lives.  Whites are quickly becoming cold and dated and being replaced with more comforting colours that add depth and warmth to more simple spaces. 


Industrial Warmth

cliffhouse auhaus living web

The Escea Freestanding DFS730 is the perfect fit for this industrial inspired livingroom. Image Credit: Derek Swalwell

Will that lofty, warehouse look ever go out of style? We hope not! Industrial is the respect of all things raw and real. Exposed brickwork, reclaimed oak floors and concrete walls with a big dose of metal windows and exposed beams.  Industrial makes a statement with the pairing of rugged, time worn bones with clean modern elements. In 2021 we’re picking this style will continue to be popularised for its use of reclaimed material as we focus our attention on conscious, sustainable designs.


Rustic Vogue

escea modern inspo 4

Image credit: Homes to love

Also referred to as Modern Rustic this look is a sophisticated take on country farmhouse. Praising the earthy tones and textures and character pieces, but adding a touch of modern class and elegance.  Homes to Love associates this style with the Japanese concept “Wabi Sabi” meaning the beauty of things imperfect. In Rustic Vogue we see this materialised in original wooden stools old cabinets. Its where rough meets refined, like rows of fresh decorative tiles surrounding a roaring Spartherm woodfire – complete with wood stack display.


Modern Retro/Vintage

escea vintage inspo 6

The Escea DF700 works perfectly in this retro inspired fireplace design. Image Credit: Wowowa Architecture

We know that many interior design trends come around full circle, and Retro and Vintage is where old meets new.  While Retro and Vintage can encompass decades of iconic styles, it is most heavily influenced by the fabulous 50’s 60’s and 70’s - think green cabinetry and floral armchairs. Bright and earthy colours are typically retro and in 2021, we’ll be using these colours and patterns to transport ourselves to another place.  Retro celebrates the uncommon and the unexpected, something that we will connect with increasingly in the year to come in our search for self expression.

“We want to possess what they’re not making any more, what not many others can get and what will distinguish us from others.” ― Gina Barreca