Richard - Escea's Architectural Advisor

We asked Richard Miller, Escea's Architecture Advisor the question on a lot of consumer's minds...

Do gas fires actually heat?

Here's what he said:

It’s funny because this is probably the question we most often get asked!

Which is fair enough, considering a lot of people’s experience of a gas fire is of the open fronted variety. These types of fires use room air to burn so they bring more cold air into the room via the “makeup air” vent.

The room gets colder before it gets warmer. Then the fire heats the air but wants the warm air back for more combustion. Nuts!

Escea gas fireplaces have evolved to bring consumers a more efficient and environmentally conscious system with our closed glass fireplaces. Because they have a sealed combustion chamber there is no need for “makeup” air. The combustion air and the room air do not mix. Escea fires draw the room air into the heat exchangers and heat that air before returning it to the room, toasty warm and dry.

As an example of how efficient this is, a DX1500 or a DL1100 delivers 10.4kW of heat to the room. That’s as much as a big log burner. And it heats the room very fast at 90-95% efficiency. The best gas fire money can buy.


Escea's DX1500 Double Sided Gas Fire


Escea's DL1100 High Efficiency Gas Fire