Enter, Spring.

New buds adorn the vines of your favourite wineries, the latest release of Sauvignon Blanc is ready for tasting and finally, daylight lingers through happy hour.

Spring materialises with new life, renewed energy and a newfound motivation to revive our homes for the warmer months ahead. 

In the design world – we harness this mentality with clean neutral hues and natural materials inspired by Japandi.

Japandi is a Swedish x Japanese design movement, born out of a belief that we find peace and serenity in the natural world.  And calm and content with a less is more approach.

So, what does Japandi style look like in our homes? Encompassed within the style is the minimalist, sustainable ethos of filling your home with quality, timeless and durable items. 

Handmade ceramics, rustic rattan furnishings and a dreamy palette of neutral, earthy materials – bought to life with splashes of colour inspired by the spring daffodils and early magnolia blooms.

Yet again, we’ve been filling our wishlist with beautiful and unique finds from some of our favourite New Zealand and Australian design stores, that just sing “spring”

spring moodboard
spring moodboard

1.      Selby Candle Holder Set | McMullin & Co

2.      Luna Cabinet | Boheme Home

3.      Marlo Sofa | Jardan

4.      Behind The Mask, Brian Connolly | The Design Hunter

5.      Memphis Lamp | Fenton and Fenton

6.      Lapis Lazuli Side Table | Fenton and Fenton

7.      Plaster painting – White Squiggle |  Boheme Home

8.      Gratus Floor Rug | Alex and Corban

9.      Crusin Lounge Chair | Studio Italia

10.   Muuto Ridge Vase | Bauhaus

11.   Angelo m coffee table | Studio Italia

12.   Spartherm Freestander | Stoke Fireplace Studio

13.   Flaxmill Cushion, Nutmeg | Alex and Corban

14.   Poets Dream Bowl | The Modern


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