Australia’s hottest fireplace retailer is coming to Adelaide. Located in an exquisitely converted retail space in West Adelaide’s Flinders Park and owned by locals Adam and Zoe Roe.

The Stoke Adelaide showroom provides a gallery-style exhibition that allows architects, designers and homeowners alike to experience the impact of their carefully curated range of fireplaces.

Featuring New Zealand made Escea Fireplaces, Luxury MODE gas fires and European favourite, Spartherm wood fires.  

Formally the proprietors of one of Adelaide’s most successful fireplace retailers, Findon Fireplaces, the husband-and-wife team have been working together for more than 2 decades.

With 30 years’ experience in the industry, Adam has a diverse knowledge and skill set which is invaluable when it comes to specifying fireplaces.

Adam says the ability to provide practical, hands-on project management and explain the process before the purchase is even made allows him to build trust with his customers and navigate even the most ambitious fireplace design.

“What our customers appreciate most is the relief that comes with knowing they can trust us to handle the whole process, from concept to completion, with complete transparency” - Adam.

Looking forward to a change in direction, with a focus on quality over quantity, investing in Stoke was a no-brainer.

“We wanted to sell a more curated range that our staff are expertly trained in – because we know that having specialist knowledge on our products provides the best outcome for customers. It’s a smaller menu, but a better menu”

The couple manage the business with the help of their two eldest sons, it’s a family affair – and one that they can’t wait to share with design lovers in Adelaide.

Learn more about Stoke Adelaide here.