If you had to choose between art or TV on your living room wall, which would you choose?

It’s a dilemma that most of us face when deciding on a living room layout. Where do you position the couch? Is there a fireplace you need to work around? Which wall should the TV go on? What about your precious art – is there room for this too?

It might seem quite straight forward but in reality, it’s more like a life-size jigsaw. It makes us think about our priorities – are you all about looks or lifestyle? Design or comfort? It’s a constant battle between form and function.

But, what if you could have both? Enter Samsung’s The Frame TV. They’ve solved the puzzle and they’ve done it in style.

With the perfect balance of form and function, the latest evolution of The Frame TV demonstrates the marriage of technology and design in a brand new way. It’s TV when on, art when off.


The TV is designed to look like a piece or art when turned off and blend into your home’s existing décor.

The beauty of The Frame is its ability to blend into your existing home décor, whatever your interior style.

To us, this means the TV no longer dominates your living space. The big black box on your wall can be replaced with designer art or family photographs, elegantly displayed in a fully customisable frame (which by the way is available in 4 contemporary colour ways).


 Just like real art, The Frame comes with removable bezels and sits flush with the wall.

And just like normal art, The Frame TV sits flush with the wall, plus there’s no clunky cords hanging out the bottom – they’re displayed in a single clear cord designed to blend into the wall.

Just because The Frame looks good when off, it doesn’t mean it can’t deliver on picture quality too. Unlike previous versions, The Frame 3.0 benefits from the latest QLED technology and 100% Colour Volume. This means better quality viewing, deeper contrasts and darker blacks.


The Frame 3.0 benefits from QLED Technology and even has voice activated control.

Another feature we can’t get enough of is the integration of voice control – imagine being able to browse your favourite TV shows or adjust the volume by talking to your TV?

The latest version is eco-conscious too – its Motion Sensor will turn the screen off when you’re not home to save power, plus it has a Brightness Sensor which automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness and tone to give you the best viewing experience possible.



The Escea DS Gas Fireplace has just a 200mm TV clearance which means The Frame TV can be placed directly above.

Perhaps what’s most exciting about The Frame TV for us is its ability to bring TV and art together with warmth and ambience. Escea’s truly frameless DS gas fireplace has just a minimum TV clearance of 200mm which means The Frame TV can be placed directly above the firebox. No longer do you need to choose between flame and TV watching, but you can now do both, at the very same time.

And when you’re not watching TV, enjoy designer art above and flickering flames below.


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Learn more about The Frame TV here or the Escea DS Series here.


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