Not sure what’s in or out this season? Need some help turning your living room into a stylish winter retreat?

With the cooler months creeping up on us, we look at what’s trending in the world of interiors and how you can get the look at home this season.

1. Shades of Green 


Image credit: Three Birds Renovations

Ever since ‘Greenery’ was named the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2017, nature’s neutral shows no signs of leaving our radar any time soon. Showing up in shades of olive, khaki and emerald, everything from kitchen benchtops, lush velvet furniture to wall coverings and art, rich greens have been a welcome change to scandi-inspired monochrome and pastel hues which have been dominating interiors in recent years.

To bring a touch of green-glamour into your home, combine the popular colour with luxe velvet fabric and you’re already on the way to nailing this winter’s must-have look. Simple as that.

2. Matt Metals 


Image credit: Est Living by Architect Prineas

Do you love a bit of brass but don’t want to regret your shiny gold choices in a few years’ time?

Although brass and copper have been prominent in the style-stakes for a few seasons now, we’re seeing the rise in finishings available on the market, especially brushed and aged brass.  No longer shiny and reflective, the matt appeal of brushed metals is becoming the go-to choice for architects and interior designers. Brushed brass has the sophistication and flexibility to compliment light, coastal-inspired homes as well as moody greens, charcoals and deep burgundy for a more dramatic look.

If you’re not game enough to commit to permanent fixtures and fittings, make no regrets and get the latest brass looks with beaten trays, pot plants or side-lamps. We won’t judge you.

3. Fire-Side


Image credit: Homestyle | Fire: DL850 by Escea


We may be biased, but nothing says winter rejuvenation like great fireside comfort.

If there’s one thing you do to make your home scream style this winter, make sure this is it. Whether you’re building, renovating or thinking about updating your existing fireplace, a good-looking, smart and efficient fire will be the easiest way to heat your home and look super-stylish at the same time. Your family will love you. Your friends will be jealous.

For renovators, design-led innovations of sleek, black fire surrounds have made retro-fitting existing open fireplaces a popular choice as they no longer have to wrestle with the mess of wood piles and storage, especially in urban areas where space is often limited. White brick fire surrounds are especially making a comeback as it’s no longer constrained to ‘country-chic’ homesteads but is now a hot choice for contemporary inner-city homes and new builds. Renovators will love this trend too as it’s an affordable way to quickly update an existing red or orange brick fireplace that’s better suited to the 1970’s.

A fire is a no-brainer and relatively effortless way for you (let’s face it, the builder and gas-fitter will do most of the work!) to bring style and warmth to your home over the coming months.

Leave your troubles at the door. Fire on. Shoes off. Snuggle up. Wine in hand.

4. Illustrative Art


Image credit: The Poster Club

Whether you admit to embracing it or not, typography is one trend that we are happy to say goodbye to. If you’re trying to hide in your chair right now, don’t worry, it’s not too late to redeem yourself and get on board this trend that won’t date in a heartbeat.

Surrounded by fine timber frames, illustrative line art with soft sweeping lines are bringing a sense of calm into our living areas. Female figures, faces and silhouettes are a stylish choice, showcasing the delicacy of femininity and appreciation for hand-drawn art. Bold black and white typography has finally gone and we eagerly open our arms to embrace the muted tones of nudes, soft pink and creams that will bring a bit of serenity into the chilly winter months ahead.

5. TRIBAL ACCENTS Tribal Accents 


Image credit: Homes to Love

Love it or loathe it, tribal or ethnic décor is here for another season.

The texture of decorative feathers, beads and tassels bring depth and interest into our homes which are essential in creating cosy layers at home this winter.  In our fast-paced world of mass production and consumerism, appreciation has risen for hand-made items and fine craftsmanship.

Expect to see more statement photographic prints, embellished juju hats and shell necklaces repurposed for vignette displays. Combined with graphic black cushions and woven baskets, get your hands on something tribal this winter.

6. Natural Materials 


Image credit: Indie Home Collective

No doubt you already have some form of wicker furniture or décor in your home but we bet it’s not like this.

Rattan, cane and bamboo have been sneaking its way back into our homes recently but this season has come back with a vengeance, more refined and sophisticated than ever before. Designers have been once again using this woven technique, making statements in everything from armchairs to sideboards and even kitchen cabinetry.

Adding these natural materials to your home décor is a sure-fire way to bring warmth and style to your living area this winter.

7. Hides


Image credit: Elle

Reindeer, Icelandic or sheep, whichever your prefer, hides are another snazzy way to stay on top of trends this winter.

Unfortunately for your bank account, it doesn’t stop at owning just one. We are now seeing more and more variations in glossy magazines and homeware stores, most notably in unexpected colours like pink and green. If a purple hide is not your cup of tea, you can’t go wrong with a shaggy Icelandic sheepskin or silver and grey reindeer hide – just make sure you use it accordingly. Hides are one of those luxuries that look great but don’t always pull through in the practicality stakes.

Do your research and purchase based on what you’ll use it for and where it will live – you don’t want your friends going home covered in fur, do you?


So there you have it, 7 trends which are so ‘right now’ that your friends will be coming to you for winter styling advice.

All it takes is a splash of greenery with a few emerald cushions, a reindeer hide slung over a rattan armchair and a beaten brass tray alongside a feather necklace for a stylish coffee table vignette. Don’t forget to flick the fire on and hang a simple nude illustrative art print on the wall and you’re done. I knew you could do it!




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