What’s the best way to show a prospective client what you can do? Do it yourself first.

That’s the vision Craig had when he and his team designed and built the recently opened Craig Linke Bespoke Building headquarters located in Kent Town, Adelaide.

What was an old, tired, unassuming office space has been meticulously transformed into Home Base, a beautiful showroom that both showcases the work Craig and his team can produce, and how some of his most-trusted suppliers can be woven into that design.

A Cosy Welcome

“The intention was to create a warm, welcoming space where we could host our clients and showcase the calibre of our work and our suppliers’ offerings,” says Craig. “The result is a welcoming, detail-rich and cosy studio for both clients and staff to enjoy for years to come. The fireplace has added a wonderful ambience we’ll enjoy over the winter months.”

The wood fireplace sets the tone for the rest of the studio space.

231215 cmphoto clbb homebase 0067 flames web res
231215 cmphoto clbb homebase 0067 flames web res

“I love the warmth and romance of a wood fire,” says Craig. “It creates a specific type of feel and mood within the office for clients and our team to enjoy.”

The fireplace effortlessly blends in with the rest of the nook’s design ethos too.

“The fireplace takes prime position on our custom white concrete benchtop, which ensures it is the statement piece within this zone. The backdrop is a neutral limestone paver that enhances and complements the warmth of the fireplace, both when it’s lit and when it isn’t. Our interior design team loved the simple folded steel surround detailing of the firebox too.”

231215 cmphoto clbb homebase 0081 web res
231215 cmphoto clbb homebase 0081 web res

World-Class Innovation

Craig says another key deciding factor was the technology of the direct vent flue, which makes the fireplace exceptionally efficient all year round. Unlike most wood fires that use room air to fuel the fire, Escea wood fireplaces use Direct Vent Technology, which means the room air and firebox air don’t mix. The firebox functions independently of the room, with all the air needed to fuel the fire coming from outside the home, and the exhaust air returned outside. Heat stays in and no cold draughts are created, resulting in better overall home performance.

231215 cmphoto clbb homebase 0073 web res
231215 cmphoto clbb homebase 0073 web res

Overcoming Hurdles

As with any build there are always challenges. Home Base’s main challenge was that construction was on the second storey.

“We had to crane the fireplace up to the second storey which required a lot of time and care, but Adam and the team from Stoke Fireplace Studio Adelaide handled it effortlessly,” says Craig

“Adam’s knowledge and guidance were fantastic with the choice of the Escea TFS650 Wood Fireplace working with our interior design team to achieve the perfect fireplace, from both a design and functionality perspective,” says Craig.

231215 cmphoto clbb homebase 0074 web res
231215 cmphoto clbb homebase 0074 web res

Craig Linke’s Top Fireplace Tips

No two projects are the same. Experience has taught the Craig Linke team the key considerations when clients are choosing a fireplace for their home, or Home Base away from home. They share their top tips below:

  1. Consider where your fireplace is going to be positioned in your home. Make sure it’s in a place where you’ll regularly use it and where it will complement, not overpower, the space.
  2. Select the right-sized fireplace for the space to carefully balance design, aesthetics, and functionality.
  3. Take your time to decide whether gas or wood suits your lifestyle better. Both are good but both have different pros and cons.
  4. Consider the surrounds of your fireplace at the design stage; don’t make it an after-thought. Incorporate joinery, natural stones, or concrete into your design to create a statement piece in your space. Grand marble surrounds are making a comeback along with freestanding fireplaces on a plinth.
  5. Always choose quality. Escea is a top-of-the-range brand that Craig Linke Bespoke Building always recommends, no matter what our client wants to achieve, and reputable installers like Stoke Fireplace Studio Adelaide make the whole process easy.