Introducing the latest fireplace from MODE, and the first in the new KS1460 Series.

Available both single and double sided, MODE’s team of designers have applied world-class innovation, creativity and expertise to the MODE KS1460, to give you more.

With a deeper and wider firebox, new and refined fuelbeds and enhanced flame technology, the KS1460 was imagined for grand living spaces. A showpiece if you will. 

Featuring the same flexible installation, precision, and finesse you already love about MODE, and so much more.  

The show is about to begin - so take your seats, relax and get to know the MODE KS1460...

Dynamic, dramatic and disarming

The sheer stature of the MODE KS1460 makes a Broadway entrance and creates a stage-show in your living room.  Bringing you a disarming performance fit for a king – or queen.

1460 with dims
1460 with dims

Film star flames

Audacious flames with Marilyn Monroe curves seduce you with a sultry, slow dance, thanks to MODE’s enhanced ‘lazy flame’.

This is a flirtatious flame, begging to be indulged, with seductive shapes that ravish the fuelbed and create a captivating display.

The fuelbeds come alive

Fuelbeds are life-like.  Modelled after the wild and rugged rivers of New Zealand’s West Coast and the handsome redwoods of Australia’s Warburton Valley tell the tales of lands untracked. Inspired by nature, and refined by MODE.

An encore of flame

The double sided model creates an encore of flame – duplicating the experience and visually connecting two spaces through a window of fire.  All of this gives you more flame to immerse yourself in, from both sides of the room.

And with MODE’s signature see-through glass, you get the best view in the house.

mode ks1460 ss bg
mode ks1460 ss bg

Available in single and double sided. Get to know the MODE KS1460 backstage and behind the scenes.