Talking fireplace surrounds with Stone Ambassador & Vasari Italian Porcelain Surfaces.

Advancements in gas fireplace technology in recent years has unlocked a myriad of design possibilities when selecting the ideal surround for your new fireplace. From stone and brick to tiles, plasterboard and even timber, there’s a whole new world of materials out there to choose from.

One surround that has continued to gain immense popularity for its timeless, natural, and enduring charm is stone. We caught up with the team at Stone Ambassador to talk all things stone – what’s trending in the world of stone, what makes stone perfect for fireplace surrounds, and what stone to choose depending on your style.

stoke adl ks1460 double webres
stoke adl ks1460 double webres

Can you tell us about Stone Ambassador and what you offer?

Founded in 2012, Stone Ambassador provides an extensive range of Australian-designed decorative stone services.

Locally owned and operated, all of our materials are created with busy, Australian lifestyles in mind.  And much like Stoke’s range of fireplaces, Stone Ambassador’s products don’t compromise on looks or functionality – keeping up with the evolving stresses of everyday life.

From engineered stone to Vasari Italian-Made Porcelain Surfaces, we have a wide range of designs and are the perfect solution for benchtops, splashbacks and of course, fireplace surrounds. In fact, if you’ve wandered through the Stoke Adelaide showroom, you’ll have seen a lot of our work.  

Stone Ambassador and our Vasari Italian Porcelain Surfaces can be used to create striking fireplace surrounds, perfect for Stoke’s range of MODE and Escea gas fireplaces.

image 6 flames low res

Vasari Italian Surfaces Atlantis Smoke & Ceppo Di Gre (Left) creates a floating plinth for the MODE Peninsula Gas Fireplace.

Can you tell us why Stone Ambassadors Vasari Italian Porcelain range is a good choice for a fireplace surround?

People all around Australia are rapidly discovering why Vasari Italian Porcelain Surfaces are the ideal choice for fireplace design, thanks to a combination of extremely high heat resistance, as well as a slim-line 6mm & 12mm design that simplifies fabrication, as well as installation. This is all thanks to industry-changing production technology that is pushing the boundaries of what porcelain can offer, not seen anywhere before.

For areas where the surrounds aren’t heat affected and where suitable according to your stonemason, quartz can be an appropriate option – for example, mantels, plinths and hearths.

However, thanks to the Zero Clearance surround rating of Escea and MODE gas fireplaces, quartz is also a great option for surrounding the fireplace.

stoke adl mode corner webres

Vasari Italian Porcelain Surfaces Ceppo Di Gre is used for the MODE Corner Gas Fireplace hearth at Stoke Fireplace Studio Adelaide.


What surfaces are most popular?

The demand for the classics such as “Superwhite” will always be trending due to the unique nature of this style and the incredible natural counterpart it represents. However, as we see clients looking to step outside of the box in their design styles, warmer palettes like our “Morroca” and “Travertino” are seeing great interest by designers around Australia.

For the more modern and industrial features, our “Nordica” and “Penumbra” are being used more often, which can be seen in Stoke Fireplace Studio Adelaide’s stunning fireplace showroom.

stone ambassador 01
stone ambassador 01

image 8 webres

Vasari Italian Porcelain Surfaces Crème Brulee creates a stunning reception desk at Stoke Adelaide.


What design predictions do you have for this year?

We predict that clients are looking to step away from the norm and opt for bolder choices that command attention with a focus on vertical surfaces, such as fireplaces. The Stoke Fireplace Studio in Adelaide that has used Vasari throughout, is a stunning representation of what can be achieved when you make the vertical space the hero.

We also predict the increasing demand for porcelain features and installations will be a hot topic in the Australian design community this year.


What types of products or styles would you recommend for a traditional fireplace surround?

For the traditional styles, our marble-look designs are a beautiful choice, which can be found across our “Ceppo Di Gre” a beautiful Terrazzo style design, as well as our “Superwhite” and “Marquina” offerings for that classic marble look style. 

stone ambassador 02
stone ambassador 02

How about something more contemporary?

For those looking for something more contemporary, “Sub Zero” is a gorgeous marble-look design that has broken boundaries with its modern and contemporary style, with a nod to a classic design. For those looking for a modern industrial edge in their design, our concrete-look designs such as “Nordica”, “Penumbra” and “Eterno” are excellent choices. Offering all the sophisticated looks of concrete offering, with all the benefits of porcelain.

stone ambassador 03
stone ambassador 03

stoke adl ef5000 webres

Vasari Italian Surfaces Nordica surrounds the Escea EF5000 Outdoor Gas Fireplace.

Drop into the Stoke Adelaide showroom and experience the exquisite result of Stone Ambassador's surfaces surrounding our range of MODE and Escea Gas Fireplaces.

You can find us at 236 Grange Road, Flinders Park.