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Next-Generation Wood Fireplaces.

Discover Escea’s debut range of Indoor Wood Fireplaces, now available at Stoke.

Twenty years in the making


Born in the deep south of New Zealand over 20 years ago, Escea has become synonymous with innovation in the fireplace industry.


Now, they’ve taken their restless spirit and Kiwi ingenuity and applied it to their debut range of wood-burning fireplaces with Direct Vent Technology – giving you less smoke drafts and wasted heat, and better overall home performance.


Innovating an industry as old as time.



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Direct Vent Technology

Unlike most traditional wood fires that rely on room air for combustion, Escea’s Direct Vent Wood Fireplaces use air from outside your home.

The firebox functions independently of the room, which essentially means the heat stays in and no cold draughts are created – for better overall home performance.

Find out all about Direct Vent Technology and why its better for your home.

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Escea TFS650 Freestanding Wood Fireplace

Classic, contemporary

A modern take on a classic fire, the Escea TFS650 is ideal for smaller living spaces wanting to indulge in the ritual of a wood burning fireplace. A pared back aesthetic makes room for a large firebox for an uninterrupted view of the flames.

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Escea TFS1000 Freestanding Wood Fireplace

Modern Day Hero

A born hero, with an old soul, the Escea TFS1000 features a pared back aesthetic with an even larger viewing window – bringing you closer to flames.

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Escea TC950 Inbuilt Wood Fireplace

The Grand Minimalist

A grand fire with a refined elegance, the Escea TC950 in-built wood fireplace was made for the minimalists – featuring a generous glass window for a maximised flame view.

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Play with Plinths

Elevate your Freestanding Wood Fireplace with Escea’s range of steel and glassfibre-reinforced concrete plinths, made especially for Escea’s TFS Series.

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Experience Escea’s new indoor wood fireplace range up close and personal at your nearest Stoke Fireplace Studio. Or contact us today to discuss your plans with one of our fireplace experts.

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